Old Playlist
Friday, February 23, 2018 | 0 feedback(s)

Assalamulaikum and hello everyone.

Okay, since I have nothing to do (actually there's one assignment I should start but nevermind) so I decided to share my old playlist. Sounds epic?

I started to be a fans of KRU since Babe Era until now! I really love their songs and guess what, when I was in year 5, I thought KRU means Kumpulan Rock Unggul hahaha it is actually Kumpulan Rap Unggul!! Not Rock. Poor me. Shame on me! and I also love Rossa. My sister love her too so do I. Pudar is one of my favourite song from her. I still remember the dance step until now haha

My favourite-old-English singer is Britney Spears. TBH, she is my dance idol. I watched her concert on youtube when I was in primary school. HAHA! I love Lucky, Sometimes, Born to be Happy and many more (I can't list everything here haha)

I was in year 5 when I discovered KPOP. A little bit late maybe? but I love Bigbang so much even until now and I can't stop listening to their song. My first ever bias is GDragon. I still remember when my friends said that he looks like a girl. I can't accept it and I hate my friends hahaha. When they were on hiatus (5 years with no comeback) I felt so sad. I hate YG. Guess what? MADE Album such a very special albums for us as a VIP. HAHAHA

So, what's your old playlist on your phone?


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first day
Tuesday, February 20, 2018 | 0 feedback(s)

Assalamualaikum and hello

So yesterday was my first class in 5th semester. Woah, I can't wait to graduate next year! Wish me luck.

Nothing really happened yesterday. My first class was Creative Advertising with Sir Khairul haha he's one of my fave lect because he's so funny and sometimes a monster and a dad at the same time.

He will teach us about ads especially in media. TBH I really like this subject and look forward to learn about ads in creative ways.

Oh ya, I just added a subject called penulisan pempromosian. I totally forget about that. HOW CAN?! kalau tak add, confirm tak cukup jam kredit. So thankfully I still in the same group with my friends (kekekkee) so moral of the story, please add your major subjects first!

All the best everyone.