Bad Habits
Friday, January 12, 2018 | 0 feedback(s)

Salam and hey. Since I don't have anything to do right now, yes probably because I don't have any paper to sit this weekend so I will share to you guys about my bad habits ever!

Sorry for the bad image above (sudah lama tidak menggunakan drawing tablet so thats why haha).

I have more than 3 bad habits but let me share with you guys 3 of it.

1. I always talk to myself.

  • Obviously yes! It happens everyday especially when I blame myself for eveything i've done. It sounds weird but yes, I talk to myself because I think if I tak to myself then things will get better sooner or later. Right?

2. I wash my hands (OCD) every single hour

  • OCD!!!! I don't even know why but I wash my hands if I touch a dirty things, objects haha and guess what, I love soap so much hehe

3. I can't sleep at night.

  • I really can't even when I am trying to. I downloaded some apps from playstore for sleeping hacks but still I can't sleep. but, after I read an article about read Quran can help for a better sleep. Try it! I am pretty sure you won't regret it. InsyaAllah.

So, how about your bad habits?

Much love,

I am sorry for a really short post this time because I am sleepy and the weather seems so nice today so I want to take a nap (kekkeke).

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What Happened to Perfect
Thursday, January 11, 2018 | 0 feedback(s)

Salam and hey. I changed my icon picture (sidebar) and my background if you haven't notice it yet

Actually beberapa hari lalu memang ada hati untuk start balik blog macam yang dulu-dulu. Zaman di mana penuh dengan cerita untuk dikongsikan dengan semua pembaca. HAHA well that time kan tiada Instagram dan juga Whatsapp things tu.

Masih ingat dulu pakai chatbox dari Cbox untuk chat. HAHA singgah blog orang "BW here" lepastu follow back semua lah. My followers now almost 800 but I knew some of them already stopped and shut down. Hm, sedih bukan?

Paling sedih when those people yang I know from blogs tak tahu di mana. Nadia. Yes. Please tell me that you are still alive if you are reading this right now because back then we were sooooo close and I didn't know why we ended up like this. 

Sebenarnya motif untuk menulis post kali ini untuk memberi gambaran bahawa mungkin akan menjadi penulis blog lagi dengan lebih aktif, insyaAllah. Comeback lah katakan walhal nowadays siapa nak main blog lagi? hahaha.

It's okay lah.

Much love,