And hi to eveyone!

I have such a great day lately.

And to be honest, I really want to change my theme but ah, forget it. Well, I used to change my theme with my own codes/html/java script but suddenly I feel sooo lazy to that things. I think I've grown up. Yeap.

You know how much I want to start again with this kind of blog, update anything everyday haha and even those lame photos haha. I just can't stop laughing.


Have you ever read wattpad stories? If yes, don't forget to follow and read my stories @thezzgfst. If no, then you should follow me kekeke. Thank you for 90K readers and 4K stars! I love you guys yaiy! and, I think I want to write a new story (thriller, mystery) but yeah this short sem kinda kills my passion.

Much love,
afifah 💖



It's been a long time since I didn't update anything on my blog and since I am away, so many stories that I couldn't make it or tell you because of my schedule as a student. For your guys information, I was laying on my bed while writing this post. The wifi connection kinda good and yeah that's why I have the feeling of writing again.

Okay, let me begin with it's a brand new day.

What do you mean? *some people actually asked me

I can't describe how much I love planner, indie songs and the cypher and ASMR. So this semester, I want to make something taht actually makes me happy, comfortable and desire. lol.

1. Planner
I want to be an organized person. I want to write everything on my planner. Oh, don't forget to follow my sister on instagram @bareerahcollection(She sell so many dories and if you guys don't know what dories are, watch this - I have almost 5 planners right now but I can't dec…



I dont have anything to share because its holiday season and I really want to feel the joyous of holiday with my family and friends. haha

I met my crush. HAHA okay bye.

gambar tiada kaitan dengan yang hidup atau yang mati. gambar hanya nota untuk diri sendiri.



I am 2ne1 fan since Fire era. TBH I didn't realised that I cried when they appeared on MAMA. I was waiting for them to comeback but suddenly Minzy left. It breaks my heart. Then, they disbanded. I really hate YG but what to do.
YG promised to give them a summer comeback but I knew it was so hopeless. CL wrote so many songs while she was in US but YG didn't want to listen to it.
Bom open up her new instagram. She said that she is still singing and we as blackjacks really waiting for a good news because she's using the #2ne1 #blackjacks in her posts.
After a long time, YG announced a comeback but a final song 안녕 - Goodbye.

Thank you 2ne1 for the memories you guys left in our heart.

**I am so emotional right now.

Lots of love, Afifah. #foreverblackjacks

fun and fries haha

Assalamualaikum, 2017, I will try to look so elegant than before and guess what, I really took so many videos for my vlog (youtube but until now, I didn't update my channel).
I decided to post it here but suddenly I changed my mind. Oh ya, this holidays I will design posters and banners for many events / holidays and programmes so I might be busy (I can't update anything in my blog then).

We went to H.Benjamin Residence and woah, I can't describe my feelings because it's soooo relaxing and so beautiful. So guys, if you want to travel, come to Sabah especially my place, Kundasang (you guys can stay at our families homestay). I can guide you guys!! hehe.