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Okay, yesterday was my birthday and I am thankful to that.

Thank you to my family and friend. thank you for all the wishes and thank you for the sweetest present. Let me clear this, I didn't talk to my boyfriend even chat and text. 1 day! and he didn't wish me a happy birthday at all. I was like, "okay fine I might didn't deserved it but hell yeah he should at least sing a happy birthday song for me".

I texted him - "why you didn't text me back?" "hello" I kept on spamming him. I annoyed him with my texts and he ignored me like OMG.

I can't sleep because most of the times, I think about him because he's my boyfriend so, it should be like that. 1am 11/09 I slept. Suddenly, a texts popped up and it's him!! OMG it's him.

falling for you (best friend edition)

I knew you.
really well.

We shared all of the things together
We shared our foods together
We shared bad and good news

We pretend to be a good friend
We promised to keep in touch

I knew you.
really well.

You had a girlfriend once
You told me everything about her
You liked her, you really liked her.
She left you, she said she doesn't love you
anymore and you cried
You called me late at night just because
you missed her so much.
You called me because you wanted to tell me
that you still in love with her.

And, I had a crush
I told you about what he looks like
I told you everything
You laughed because I never been like this before
You can't imagine that I finally met someone
My crush have someone else now
and I am alone again

We are trying to find someone to fit
but don't you think that we are just fit perfect for each other?
Why do we want to find someone else if we can be together?

To my dearest bff and my annoying bruh ever,
thank you for being her…

I don't wanna see you with her


We were in love.
More than you know and I know.
It's beyond our imaginations.

We did all the things together.
We smile, we cried, we laughed.
You said you won't let me go.
And I said it too.

People didn't know how much we care for each other.
They talk bad at our mess.
They won't stop.
They said you are a cheater.
I said no for that stupid statements.
They said you are bad at love.
I said no because I believe in you.

I don't really care about my heart.
I don't really care about my mind.

We argue for small things.
You mad me at certain things.
I was sorry,
I was fool.

You told me that you wanna meet my parents.
I was so happy and bliss.

And now, we don't really talk about our future.
It seems that we don't care anymore.
You let me go with someone else.
You don't care about what I want.

You let me down.
You let me cry.


But still,
After all this time,
I still like you.

I love you.
Even when it's hurts like hell.



And hi to eveyone!

I have such a great day lately.

And to be honest, I really want to change my theme but ah, forget it. Well, I used to change my theme with my own codes/html/java script but suddenly I feel sooo lazy to that things. I think I've grown up. Yeap.

You know how much I want to start again with this kind of blog, update anything everyday haha and even those lame photos haha. I just can't stop laughing.


Have you ever read wattpad stories? If yes, don't forget to follow and read my stories @thezzgfst. If no, then you should follow me kekeke. Thank you for 90K readers and 4K stars! I love you guys yaiy! and, I think I want to write a new story (thriller, mystery) but yeah this short sem kinda kills my passion.

Much love,
afifah 💖



It's been a long time since I didn't update anything on my blog and since I am away, so many stories that I couldn't make it or tell you because of my schedule as a student. For your guys information, I was laying on my bed while writing this post. The wifi connection kinda good and yeah that's why I have the feeling of writing again.

Okay, let me begin with it's a brand new day.

What do you mean? *some people actually asked me

I can't describe how much I love planner, indie songs and the cypher and ASMR. So this semester, I want to make something taht actually makes me happy, comfortable and desire. lol.

1. Planner
I want to be an organized person. I want to write everything on my planner. Oh, don't forget to follow my sister on instagram @bareerahcollection(She sell so many dories and if you guys don't know what dories are, watch this - I have almost 5 planners right now but I can't dec…