Friday, December 18, 2015 | December 18, 2015 | 0 comments ✉

Im watching Asia's Next Top Model right now and im so freaking boring with myself. Oh ya, I did a treatment for my ear because of something that i shouldn't write here. Kehkeh

I have so many plans to do during my holidays. First of all, car license or license car or what ever you want to call it hahaha im not good in words or vocubulary. My muet isnt that good tho. Lol. After that i will buy some stuffs for my make up. I think i really love to put some make up on my face because my face kinda naked all the times. And no wonder lah tiada yang suka hahaha.

Oh ya, i deleted my old posts bcause i think i dont need that haha so many stories about my old crush, ex boyfriend, problems and selfies (im tired of it actually).

Okay that's all. Sorry for aby manglish language there. People make mistakes hahaha (just to cover up my fault)


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