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Im in a good mood today because tomorrow is "HARI MALAYSIA".

Today class was all about Human Communication with Prof Zin. He told us to speak english comfortably. To be honest, Im okay with it because I really want to try it.

We only have 3 years to study and to speak english. We will make  mistakes but we still have times to cover up. Im kinda jealous of my chinese coursemate because they speak english in the class. Im not shy but sometimes, as a typical malaysian people, we are not comfortable to speak like them.

thats all.



Elastic Heart
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People seems dont understand me. People kept asking me "have you ever been in love?" Yes, I admit it but sometimes I cant answer the simple question. I dont know why. Im weak.

Okay, if you are reading my blog rn, I want to tell you guys that I DONT REALLLLLYY LIKE TO BE IN LOVE. hahaha Im a girl too so tipulah kalau tiada perasaan but yeah, like macam sekarang I need to study, I want to study di luar negara, I want BIASISWA.

Actually, I like someone la. senior but still cant get over my goals. mesti kena capai target dulu baru saya tenang mahu bercinta or what so ever but rn memang tidak.

Like seriously?



a new life
Wednesday, September 7, 2016 | 0 feedback(s)

salam guys.

I am a UPSI student now, AB14 (masscom).

for those people yang tanya eh why you didnt update anything on your blog (not to mention that im a popular blogger but some of them read my blog). so Im here want to tell you guys that in my kediaman, the wifi macam slow sikit. unless you are using laptop to online (actually memang pun kena pakai laptop kalau buat assg) lol.

so I want to introduce you guys my roommate, housemates and friends (and maybe coursemate).

my roommate is Marinah, She's very clever (she's taking TESL). my housemates are Yana (merangkap my coursemate tapi sayangnya we are in the diff group. sob sob), Sayang, Steff and Sintiya.

I want to tell you guys more but I cant right now.

so, catch you guys later on.


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