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Wednesday, September 7, 2016 | September 07, 2016 | 0 comments ✉
salam guys.

I am a UPSI student now, AB14 (masscom).

for those people yang tanya eh why you didnt update anything on your blog (not to mention that im a popular blogger but some of them read my blog). so Im here want to tell you guys that in my kediaman, the wifi macam slow sikit. unless you are using laptop to online (actually memang pun kena pakai laptop kalau buat assg) lol.

so I want to introduce you guys my roommate, housemates and friends (and maybe coursemate).

my roommate is Marinah, She's very clever (she's taking TESL). my housemates are Yana (merangkap my coursemate tapi sayangnya we are in the diff group. sob sob), Sayang, Steff and Sintiya.

I want to tell you guys more but I cant right now.

so, catch you guys later on.


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