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Salam and hey.

As I promised last 2 days (maybe huh?), I will post something about my book (I bought at pesta buku UPSI).

The first book is,

Amran Fans by Amran
So I really like this book. Printed 2 years ago but too bad I just bought it, Sorry Amran!

This book might be not suitable for immature people because this book kinda shit (Amran Fans style).

What I really like this book are,

1. Straight to the point.
- What I mean is, you don't have to lie. You should tell everyone what you feels so let the people judge you but what I mean by judging is, you should be motivate by the haters.

2. Motivate
- See what I told you? MOTIVATE is something that beyond amazing and fascinating.

3. Crazy
- This book is crazy but only people are crazy that read crazy book. you guys got it?

I dont know how to review actually because this is my first time ever. So please forgive me hihihi

xoxo guys

will review the second book - ANGKER.

na honja

Salam and hello
I was thinking about my life since i was here. I don't know how express my feelings because I think about my heart. It's kinda hurt me. Okay, actually Im talking about..... hahaha
I mean, if you like someone, you should tell him/her because if you kept you feelings, you will lose her/him. I wasnt ready actually for being myself. Ouh, what I mean is, Im not even blink. Ugh not!! It's not like that. I mean..... uhm.... Okay, Im not ready to write about it actually. HAHAHA
Im still not mature to think about love or euuwww I don't know how to call it HAHA! He's actually a good guy after all. He's a good student too (maybe) and a volunteer. I know him since I saw him for the first time and I started to stalk him and finally now, Im so crzay about him. I want to recall all my memories with him but it is so so so so so so limited.
Limited. I mean, we were not talk to each other even make an eye contact because Im toooooooooo shy to express my feelings…

library, mum and pesta buku

time : 07.19pm place : library
I want to study and do my assignments but Im wasting time right now because em... maybe lack of motivations.
So I didnt call my mum last week. Im missing them so much especially my niece and nephew and friends and what?
Oh ya, UPSI had a great "PESTA BUKU" last week. I bought five books. four of them are in malay language.
Should I make a review about the books? Yay or nay? I should maybe.
Thats all.
p/s : i found my crush's facebook and instagram. say hello to him later!

one fine day


Alhamdulillah, thank to Allah because Im still alive. Im so freaking busy this week because of assigments and so on. I joined many programmes here and I have so many experiences.

Maybe Im not too late to wish, Salam awal muharam to all my relatives, family and friends out there. sorry I cant celebrate with you guys because Im soooooo far away from you guys.

Oh ya, we  had orientation day last week!!! HAHA I met my crush on that day ^_^

thats all,