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Wednesday, October 19, 2016 | October 19, 2016 | 0 comments ✉
Salam and hello

I was thinking about my life since i was here. I don't know how express my feelings because I think about my heart. It's kinda hurt me. Okay, actually Im talking about..... hahaha

I mean, if you like someone, you should tell him/her because if you kept you feelings, you will lose her/him. I wasnt ready actually for being myself. Ouh, what I mean is, Im not even blink. Ugh not!! It's not like that. I mean..... uhm.... Okay, Im not ready to write about it actually. HAHAHA

Im still not mature to think about love or euuwww I don't know how to call it HAHA! He's actually a good guy after all. He's a good student too (maybe) and a volunteer. I know him since I saw him for the first time and I started to stalk him and finally now, Im so crzay about him. I want to recall all my memories with him but it is so so so so so so limited.

Limited. I mean, we were not talk to each other even make an eye contact because Im toooooooooo shy to express my feelings. I hope he knew it but sometimes I think it's just my imagination. and maybe, we are really not fall in love.

GAHHHHHH Im sick of being like this.