Afifah, 23. Aku menulis untuk memahami segala hati yang tak tertuliskan oleh lisan. Andai saja kita bisa semeja bercerita mengenai hujan dan matahari, aku akan bercerita lebih mengenai bulan dan bintang.
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Salam and hey.

As I promised last 2 days (maybe huh?), I will post something about my book (I bought at pesta buku UPSI).

The first book is,

Amran Fans by Amran

So I really like this book. Printed 2 years ago but too bad I just bought it, Sorry Amran!

This book might be not suitable for immature people because this book kinda shit (Amran Fans style).

What I really like this book are,

1. Straight to the point.
- What I mean is, you don't have to lie. You should tell everyone what you feels so let the people judge you but what I mean by judging is, you should be motivate by the haters.

2. Motivate
- See what I told you? MOTIVATE is something that beyond amazing and fascinating.

3. Crazy
- This book is crazy but only people are crazy that read crazy book. you guys got it?

I dont know how to review actually because this is my first time ever. So please forgive me hihihi

xoxo guys

will review the second book - ANGKER.

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