My favourite vlogger!
Saturday, December 31, 2016 | 0 feedback(s)


I should post something about my new year resolutions but nevermind I will do that later haha. My favourite youtube vlogger is Daphne Iking. I knew there are so many vloggers out there but why did I chose Daphne Iking? I will explain to you now.

1. She's so energetic!

I love "speak malay please" vlog so much because she tried to speak malay with her children and Iman can't really speak in malay. so cute! watch it above ^ (highly recommended)

2. She can do everything!

You guys know what tapai is? If you don't know, watch her vlog now! haha. She can do it (because I am from Sabah too like her but I can't really do that alone).

3. Funny and pretty!

She's so beautiful. I adore her skin so much, her outfits and everything lah.

That's all.

I just read her biography and she graduated from USM (communication). Woah, so proud now being a communication student (hahaha).

* I want to buy a vlog camera.

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bad love
Friday, December 30, 2016 | 1 feedback(s)


I really want to share this before but I always can't. First of all, if you feel uneasy about this post, please do not continue.

I met my first crush at school. That time I was 15 years old. I really like him because he is so handsome (because that time I don't know too much about love so I choose someone who was good in appearance not personality). I shouted his name from our class (balcony) - level 2. I knew he will look but I am afraid to look at him. So I decided to hide. That was so crazy. My friends laughed and they told me that he came and asked "who called me?".

He was 17 years old and a basketball player. I knew everything about him. Oh btw, I don't have facebook account and he did. I tried to stalk his profile using my friend's account and unfortunately, he didn't use his photo for profile picture. Sad.

We had a feast before 2011 end. I sent an invitation to him so he can celebrate with us. Thank God, he came. As soon as he entered our class, I smiled and told him to eat. He suddenly asked me, "want to take a picture with me?" ajksdjksjdkshkshflksasdkfhlskd you know that feelings?! I BET YOU DON'T!!!!!!

The next day, I texted him. We texted until late night and talked on the phone and we hung out and took pictures together because I madly in love with him (finally I love him. I mean, I started from like to love).

We kept this relationship being a friend until I was 17 years old and that time, I can't help my feelings because I cried too much. I hate myself before.

I texted him and he replied shortly and look like he didn't interested. I thought he maybe bored and stressed but I felt something strange.

------------ see you later xx

sorry for any grammatical errors here and there 😅


For life
Monday, December 26, 2016 | 2 feedback(s)


Saya telah menghadiri ceramah Da'i Izzhar di Masjid Al-Mursyidin UPSI. Pada awalnya, saya expect satu ceramah duduk dan ceramah #deep atau tarbiah sentap sahaja because many of them (I mean, pendakwah) yang delivery speech seperti itu (contohnya, UAI, UKE tapi bukan bermaksud saya tidak suka mereka ya.)

For the first time lah saya suka sangat dengar ceramah yang santai. buat lawak pun sangat menjadi dan banyak eye contact dengan audiens (because I learned this before). He gave so many motivations to us and so so so unforgettable sebab bila balik rumah, terus ajuk apa dia cakap sebab seriously, he's so influential.

Thank you kepada penganjur yang sempat anjur benda macam ni before exam. I am so grateful!

Oh ya, one thing that made me so touched was


Ya Allah, deeeeeep sangat-sangat. Sampai menangis HAHA.

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Ini pertama kali saya dengar lagu Melayu sampai berpuluh ratus kali ahaha this is my first time ever. First time okay. I heard this song somewhere and I kinda like it because it's sooo sooo sooo deep (for me lah). I can't stop listening to the song hehehe.

If you guys still wonder lah kan "lagu apa dia maksudkan ni?", "ah? dirgahayu? seriously what?!" dan macam-macam lah. I knew. hm. Dengar banyak kali pun entah la enapa masih tak bosan. Maybe sebab lirik dan style lagu (eh, ada ka style lagu?) sangat sangat fresh lah kononnya.

Song title : Dirgahayu
Artist : Faizal Tahir ft Dato' Siti Nurhaliza

Okay, the video is above. don't forget to listen because I know you guys will like it and don't forget to comment ^_^

Ahhh, don't forget to wish me luck on my finals. hahaha. (padahal masih online, belum study)

Lots of love,


Wednesday, December 21, 2016 | 1 feedback(s)


Semua orang pada doa. Sebab apa? sebab doa penyelamat. Allah mendengar semua doa kita malahan kalau kita hanya bergurau pun it is consider as doa. For example, "nanti kahwin dengan dia", "aku gagal ni.. memang gagal".

But for me, sudah namanya doa, we must doa yang baik-baik sahaja. Maksudnya, yang boleh meningkatkan self-esteem kita. Self-esteem hanya akan meningkat kalau kita juga berdoa yang baik-baik. Apa kaitannya? Semua bertanya. I admit.

Satu lagi, manusia jangan cepat mempunyai rasa prejudis dan stereotaip pada doa orang lain. Kalau dia berdoa bermaksud dia mahukan sesuatu. Bukan saja-saja.

This happened to me when they judge myself but this is what we called HUMAN.




three words
Tuesday, December 20, 2016 | 0 feedback(s)


what three words means for you?
mine are - "please be nice" or maybe "i need you".
I really take this seriously because who knows maybe only three words will be 1000000000, thousands meaning. maybe.

so, I just woke up from my imagination that I shouldn't be rude to everyone.
and, if I did, please forgive me from the top to the bottom of my heart. like, seriously, I don't know how to express my feeling towards everyone and I can't do it because I am sooo sooo sooo weak.

I wish my monologues can keep my promises, my secrets and everything because almost every second that I breathe, I talk to myself (it's called intrapersonal communication). why you talk to yourself? because if you talk yourself, you can cry out loud, you can reflects yourself and sometimes you learn something because learning is a subjective matters.

I wish that my words are useful to others but I'm afraid if my words really kills you guys inside. pardon me for my words because sometimes you can't control your tounge and that's why we need (because it's crucial) to behave.

ugh. that's all.

good night.



Monday, December 19, 2016 | 0 feedback(s)


I really want to tell my crush, "good luck on your final exam" but too bad, he's so far away from me HAHA. tidak apa lah, maybe kalau jauh-jauh makin dekat satu hari nanti. but, the definition of one day pun saya belum tahu bila. it's getting annoying now.

Memandangkan minggu ni start study week, me myself and I pun kononnya mahu study human communication dan faham segala content yang ada but seeing myself now, I know I am wasting my time here. I should study but...... kemalasan melanda diri.

I planned to buy a new camera (Nikon 1 or fujifilm. so anyone yang tahu pasal benda ni, kindly comment because I really want to know!) but I don't have an enough money yet so saya kena menabung lah start from now not because of the camera only but for the sake of my future yang masih blur, kabur segalanya.

Ehm. that's all for today. have a nice day to you guys yang masih scrolling blog HAHA currently I am watching The Man Living In Our House (casted by Soo Ae <- she's my favourite actress tho).



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Study week
Friday, December 16, 2016 | 2 feedback(s)


Minggu depan akan bermulanya study week dan I am actually can't wait to come home. Rindu rumah, rindu semua, rindu abah, rindu mama, rindu semua-lah! especially anak-anak buah maksu. They are so precious.

Berbalik pada cerita, I really want to workout (last time I was veeeerrrryy disciplined). but, UPSI's gym sangat lah jauh because we have two campuses and sangat jauh. You can't simply walk by foot sebab seriously jauh. Naik bas tiap hari pun ambil masa 10 minit. Bayangkan kalau jalan kaki? hahaha. Memang-lah exercise but can you imagine that?

Setakat ni, saya cuma exercise (lah sangat) dekat stadium but itupun masih emmmm... entah lah sebab banyak sangat lelaki. I'm so shy (ecececeh). Tapi it's okay lah as long as they do their own things juga kan. Masing-masing buat kerja masing-masing. See? I can't even place my sentences, words. hahaha.

Study week plans,

exercise every morning (tiada alasan!)
baca dan faham semua tajuk, subtajuk dan semualah
print nota-nota yang dimuatnaik secara atas talian (apasal BM sangat ni?)
text crush kalau berani hahahaha okay nevermind this.

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sweet talker
Tuesday, December 13, 2016 | 1 feedback(s)


woah, I edited my blog again because I don't know what to do. I just finished my assignments (fyi, I had more than 5 assignments!!!!!!). Oh ya, did I told you about my crush earlier? hahaha okay, I just found his facebook and he'd liked my status (OMG).

If you guys are reading my blog and this post now, please don't mind about my crush lol I have no idea why I like to see his smile omg orang bilang that's a zina (zina mata) Astaghfirullah hal ad-zeem. I don't know about that and from now I will lower my gaze (Astaghfirullah).

Oh ya, tomorrow our coursemate will make a party hahaha a simple party but I wish a big party but it's okay because I'm just an EXCO so what I expect from them?! hahaha.

ah, this is my fave song right now because I madly in love.

The song is called Dari Mata. I heard this song from my friend (Eeza). She can't stop listening to it and I was influenced by her lol. but the song is sooooo good. I recommended you guys to listen and support local artist (don't know if he's a singaporean or not but, whatever lah because he used bahasa melayu 😝 )

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bigbang made full album


been so long after M. A. D. E single album and now, it's full album. comes with 3 new songs - Girlfriend (여자 친구), last dance and 에라 모르겠다 (FXXK IT). woah, I'm so excited and I can't even describe my feelings.

welcome back my kings!!!! I had been crushing on them since haru-haru era and fantastic baby and then now. my kings are growing up so fast. haha. oh ya, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SEUNGRI. SHOUT OUT MY BIRTHDAY WISHES TO SEUNGRI. LEE SEUNG HYUN!! HAHAHA. 💖

okay, that's all.


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Sunday, December 11, 2016 | 0 feedback(s)


We got our marks for assignments and quizzes. Alhamdulillah, my results are not so good and not too bad. cukup-cukup makan.

To my friends, congratulations! hehe. Thank you for being my friends thru thick and thin, than you for helping me and thank you for the book I borrowed and thank you for everything!!!!

Oh ya, I went to Nationak Visual Arts Gallery (Kuala Lumpur). Im so thankful to be there. Alhamdulillah, it's my first time so I can't stop saying thankful etc. hahaha

Pictures? Visit my instagram. I posted it there @aafifhr


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what a motivation post hahaha
Sunday, December 4, 2016 | 0 feedback(s)


I had been so busy but yeah still have time to update because the WiFi so laju and I like it hahaha.

I just bought my ticket to Kota Kinabalu (BKI) on 12th January 2017. Woah, I didn't realised I am at the end of semester. hahaha! I only have six semesters left. yayyyyyy this is what I really want. and then, graduate and yeah have a good job, car and house for my parents.

So, for the next semester, I will learn about public speaking because I am a communication student. Communication students should know how to talk infront of people and can give a talk about anything (spontanious or maybe extremporanous) << I dont know the spelling so pardon me. HAHA

Okay, we will move to the next story. I am not saying this because Im too much bias to Kpop but okay, let it be like that. Why YG you kicked Minzy out and 2ne1 disbanded and now Taehyun just left Winner?! Ugh I hate you but I dont have any power to talk to you so haha this blog is all about you right now. em, next!

haha, goodbye guys


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