✎ bad love
Friday, December 30, 2016 | December 30, 2016 | 1 comments ✉

I really want to share this before but I always can't. First of all, if you feel uneasy about this post, please do not continue.

I met my first crush at school. That time I was 15 years old. I really like him because he is so handsome (because that time I don't know too much about love so I choose someone who was good in appearance not personality). I shouted his name from our class (balcony) - level 2. I knew he will look but I am afraid to look at him. So I decided to hide. That was so crazy. My friends laughed and they told me that he came and asked "who called me?".

He was 17 years old and a basketball player. I knew everything about him. Oh btw, I don't have facebook account and he did. I tried to stalk his profile using my friend's account and unfortunately, he didn't use his photo for profile picture. Sad.

We had a feast before 2011 end. I sent an invitation to him so he can celebrate with us. Thank God, he came. As soon as he entered our class, I smiled and told him to eat. He suddenly asked me, "want to take a picture with me?" ajksdjksjdkshkshflksasdkfhlskd you know that feelings?! I BET YOU DON'T!!!!!!

The next day, I texted him. We texted until late night and talked on the phone and we hung out and took pictures together because I madly in love with him (finally I love him. I mean, I started from like to love).

We kept this relationship being a friend until I was 17 years old and that time, I can't help my feelings because I cried too much. I hate myself before.

I texted him and he replied shortly and look like he didn't interested. I thought he maybe bored and stressed but I felt something strange.

------------ see you later xx

sorry for any grammatical errors here and there 😅