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I really want to tell my crush, "good luck on your final exam" but too bad, he's so far away from me HAHA. tidak apa lah, maybe kalau jauh-jauh makin dekat satu hari nanti. but, the definition of one day pun saya belum tahu bila. it's getting annoying now.

Memandangkan minggu ni start study week, me myself and I pun kononnya mahu study human communication dan faham segala content yang ada but seeing myself now, I know I am wasting my time here. I should study but...... kemalasan melanda diri.

I planned to buy a new camera (Nikon 1 or fujifilm. so anyone yang tahu pasal benda ni, kindly comment because I really want to know!) but I don't have an enough money yet so saya kena menabung lah start from now not because of the camera only but for the sake of my future yang masih blur, kabur segalanya.

Ehm. that's all for today. have a nice day to you guys yang masih scrolling blog HAHA currently I am watching The Man Living In Our House (casted by Soo Ae <- she's my favourite actress tho).



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