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Saturday, December 31, 2016 | December 31, 2016 | 0 comments ✉

I should post something about my new year resolutions but nevermind I will do that later haha. My favourite youtube vlogger is Daphne Iking. I knew there are so many vloggers out there but why did I chose Daphne Iking? I will explain to you now.

1. She's so energetic!

I love "speak malay please" vlog so much because she tried to speak malay with her children and Iman can't really speak in malay. so cute! watch it above ^ (highly recommended)

2. She can do everything!

You guys know what tapai is? If you don't know, watch her vlog now! haha. She can do it (because I am from Sabah too like her but I can't really do that alone).

3. Funny and pretty!

She's so beautiful. I adore her skin so much, her outfits and everything lah.

That's all.

I just read her biography and she graduated from USM (communication). Woah, so proud now being a communication student (hahaha).

* I want to buy a vlog camera.

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