Afifah, 23. Aku menulis untuk memahami segala hati yang tak tertuliskan oleh lisan. Andai saja kita bisa semeja bercerita mengenai hujan dan matahari, aku akan bercerita lebih mengenai bulan dan bintang.
✎ 안녕.
Saturday, January 21, 2017 | January 21, 2017 | 0 comments ✉

I am 2ne1 fan since Fire era. TBH I didn't realised that I cried when they appeared on MAMA. I was waiting for them to comeback but suddenly Minzy left. It breaks my heart. Then, they disbanded. I really hate YG but what to do.

YG promised to give them a summer comeback but I knew it was so hopeless. CL wrote so many songs while she was in US but YG didn't want to listen to it.

Bom open up her new instagram. She said that she is still singing and we as blackjacks really waiting for a good news because she's using the #2ne1 #blackjacks in her posts.

After a long time, YG announced a comeback but a final song 안녕 - Goodbye.

Thank you 2ne1 for the memories you guys left in our heart.

**I am so emotional right now.

Lots of love,