✎ i am 21 but i never had a clue
Sunday, January 1, 2017 | January 01, 2017 | 4 comments ✉

Happy new year to everyone all over the world. Alhamdulillah, I am still alive and I still can breathe.


I want to say thank you to my parents. Thank you for the loves you gave me. I love you Abah and Ama! :) THANK YOU because you gave me everything even though I am not the best daughter but I will make sure that Abah and Ama will be happy one day. I promise.

Thank you Akak Nani, Akak Pida, Abang and Akak Nina for being my lovely, playful siblings ever! Thank you because you guys always support me. I will keep all of your advices!

Thank you SUNNY for being my friends since we were young and now we are 21 years old. Thank you for the memories. I hope that we will stay as friends untill forever that I don't know when and please let me know when you guys are getting married one day. Please don't forget me and please don't forget the times that we were soooooooo innocent and so naughty.

Thank you to my upsi-mate (coursemate, classmate, groupmate, housemate, roommate) EVERYONE-lah. Thank you for everything. Thank you for supporting me and I am so happy to meet you guys here. I didn't expect this but thank you! ^_^