it's a yes


Okay, seriously I am alone again here in my house (kolej kediaman I mean) and the wifi so good today because it's holiday so, everyone back to their home sweet home. My flight is tomorrow at 10.20am. I can't wait to come back home because I just missing them (families, friends etc).

Back to the title, "It's a yes". Actually I really want to tell "him" since one of my resolutions are telling him that I like him. It doesn't matter if he like me too but at least I tell him the truth because it's sooooooooooooo bothering me everyday, everysec and "what-so-every".

I do think about my next post - "the reasons why you should marry me" HAHA i know it's a crazy title to post but who knows if he stalk me lol.



faten.banana said…
HAHAHAHAHAHA OMG I FEEL YOOOOU XD lol I approved your next post ~~

Goodluck on telling him btw! Let out the suffocating (yet beautiful) feeling :DD