back to reality

I wanna study right now (btw it is 12:48 in the morning) but I am so lazy. Paper pun lusa so, I decided to watch vlog and download akmu's new album. I can't wait to listen it before sleep. hee.

Do you guys know that I want to buy a vlog camera?? What camera should I buy? because I can't decide. Im in dilemma now 😕😕😕😕

Oh ya, my mum called me and she told me yang my aunt akan buat aqiqah so I asked, "apa anak dia?" then my mum jawab confidently "orang lah". I was like ...........? hahahaha. so funny!

eeeeeee don't know what to write anymore because I don't have any idea tonight but I really want to post something so that this blog will be keep updating from time to time lol.

will be back.

lots of love,


Eyqa Zq said…
Sony was trusted brands for video. :D It really depends on ur budget and what you wanna shot for.

A dslr camera will do if you wanna play with the bckground blur effect (it was superb both on images and video).

Im a Sony user so I'll recommend you using Sony a5000. Or try to search for entree and mid level camera for videos.

heres the features about SA5000

Good luck btw. ^^
@Eyqa Zq : thank you so much! I have fujifilms and nikon but still I want something handy or more friendly user like samsung nx mini haha i will try to check out sony a5000. thank you eyqa ^_^