Afifah, 23. Aku menulis untuk memahami segala hati yang tak tertuliskan oleh lisan. Andai saja kita bisa semeja bercerita mengenai hujan dan matahari, aku akan bercerita lebih mengenai bulan dan bintang.
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It's been a long time since I didn't update anything on my blog and since I am away, so many stories that I couldn't make it or tell you because of my schedule as a student. For your guys information, I was laying on my bed while writing this post. The wifi connection kinda good and yeah that's why I have the feeling of writing again.

Okay, let me begin with it's a brand new day.

What do you mean? *some people actually asked me

I can't describe how much I love planner, indie songs and the cypher and ASMR. So this semester, I want to make something taht actually makes me happy, comfortable and desire. lol.

1. Planner
I want to be an organized person. I want to write everything on my planner. Oh, don't forget to follow my sister on instagram @bareerahcollection (She sell so many dories and if you guys don't know what dories are, watch this - I have almost 5 planners right now but I can't decide which one I want to use and sometimes I forgot what planner should I write shopping lists, homeworks and assignments haha.

2. Indie & Cypher
OMG. I discovered so many underground indie songs on youtube lately. Guess what? I remember their channels now. Okay if you want to listen to it too kindly check this out - RLIFE or Syros (Two different channels and I love it so much!) About the cypher, I can't for Show Me The Money 6 to be subbed by Khiphop shows. lol because I don't really understand korean even though I can read hangul.

Currently, my favourite ASMR artist is Hey It's Mosogourmet. Go and watch their videos!!!! I recommended you 100%.


SALAM RAYA. SELAMAT HARI RAYA to everyone of you.!!!

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