Afifah, 23. Aku menulis untuk memahami segala hati yang tak tertuliskan oleh lisan. Andai saja kita bisa semeja bercerita mengenai hujan dan matahari, aku akan bercerita lebih mengenai bulan dan bintang.
Friday, July 21, 2017 | July 21, 2017 | 0 comments ✉


And hi to eveyone!

I have such a great day lately.

And to be honest, I really want to change my theme but ah, forget it. Well, I used to change my theme with my own codes/html/java script but suddenly I feel sooo lazy to that things. I think I've grown up. Yeap.

You know how much I want to start again with this kind of blog, update anything everyday haha and even those lame photos haha. I just can't stop laughing.


Have you ever read wattpad stories? If yes, don't forget to follow and read my stories @thezzgfst. If no, then you should follow me kekeke. Thank you for 90K readers and 4K stars! I love you guys yaiy! and, I think I want to write a new story (thriller, mystery) but yeah this short sem kinda kills my passion.

Much love,
afifah 💖