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I don't wanna see you with her


We were in love.
More than you know and I know.
It's beyond our imaginations.

We did all the things together.
We smile, we cried, we laughed.
You said you won't let me go.
And I said it too.

People didn't know how much we care for each other.
They talk bad at our mess.
They won't stop.
They said you are a cheater.
I said no for that stupid statements.
They said you are bad at love.
I said no because I believe in you.

I don't really care about my heart.
I don't really care about my mind.

We argue for small things.
You mad me at certain things.
I was sorry,
I was fool.

You told me that you wanna meet my parents.
I was so happy and bliss.

And now, we don't really talk about our future.
It seems that we don't care anymore.
You let me go with someone else.
You don't care about what I want.

You let me down.
You let me cry.


But still,
After all this time,
I still like you.

I love you.
Even when it's hurts like hell.