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Okay, yesterday was my birthday and I am thankful to that.

Thank you to my family and friend. thank you for all the wishes and thank you for the sweetest present. Let me clear this, I didn't talk to my boyfriend even chat and text. 1 day! and he didn't wish me a happy birthday at all. I was like, "okay fine I might didn't deserved it but hell yeah he should at least sing a happy birthday song for me".

I texted him - "why you didn't text me back?" "hello" I kept on spamming him. I annoyed him with my texts and he ignored me like OMG.

I can't sleep because most of the times, I think about him because he's my boyfriend so, it should be like that. 1am 11/09 I slept. Suddenly, a texts popped up and it's him!! OMG it's him.