falling for you (best friend edition)

I knew you.
really well.

We shared all of the things together
We shared our foods together
We shared bad and good news

We pretend to be a good friend
We promised to keep in touch

I knew you.
really well.

You had a girlfriend once
You told me everything about her
You liked her, you really liked her.
She left you, she said she doesn't love you
anymore and you cried
You called me late at night just because
you missed her so much.
You called me because you wanted to tell me
that you still in love with her.

And, I had a crush
I told you about what he looks like
I told you everything
You laughed because I never been like this before
You can't imagine that I finally met someone
My crush have someone else now
and I am alone again

We are trying to find someone to fit
but don't you think that we are just fit perfect for each other?
Why do we want to find someone else if we can be together?


To my dearest bff and my annoying bruh ever,
thank you for being here with me
and thank you for being my bff even though you know how
much I annoyed you so much, you still stickwith me
and thank you for everything!

I love you.