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Friday, February 23, 2018 | February 23, 2018 | 0 comments ✉
Assalamulaikum and hello everyone.

Okay, since I have nothing to do (actually there's one assignment I should start but nevermind) so I decided to share my old playlist. Sounds epic?

I started to be a fans of KRU since Babe Era until now! I really love their songs and guess what, when I was in year 5, I thought KRU means Kumpulan Rock Unggul hahaha it is actually Kumpulan Rap Unggul!! Not Rock. Poor me. Shame on me! and I also love Rossa. My sister love her too so do I. Pudar is one of my favourite song from her. I still remember the dance step until now haha

My favourite-old-English singer is Britney Spears. TBH, she is my dance idol. I watched her concert on youtube when I was in primary school. HAHA! I love Lucky, Sometimes, Born to be Happy and many more (I can't list everything here haha)

I was in year 5 when I discovered KPOP. A little bit late maybe? but I love Bigbang so much even until now and I can't stop listening to their song. My first ever bias is GDragon. I still remember when my friends said that he looks like a girl. I can't accept it and I hate my friends hahaha. When they were on hiatus (5 years with no comeback) I felt so sad. I hate YG. Guess what? MADE Album such a very special albums for us as a VIP. HAHAHA

So, what's your old playlist on your phone?


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